Tampa DJ Testimonials

Perfect Wedding!

My wife and I used My Tampa DJ at our wedding and Tony rocked the place!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone that I know. Can’t wait to share photos of all the fun as soon as we get them!

Jason Morris

A Great Time

As far as I’m concerned this is the best karaoke host in Tampa Bay. I’ve been singing at his gigs for about two years and it’s always a great time.

Glen Lisenby

Tony at Tampa DJ Rocks!

I’ve enjoyed karaoke for years with Tony at Tampa DJ and he’s simply awesome. He even sang at my Wedding Reception!

Clay Emerton

Greatest DJ in Tampa

Holla at Tony for any of your musical needs. He brings one of the most important aspects of the party to life and does it well! I would never use anyone but Tony, thanks for always being the bomb.com!

Kaleigh Deserae

Best Wedding DJ in the World!

I have been going to Karaoke for a long time and asked Tony to be our DJ at our wedding. He blew me away with how simple and organized he made the planning!
The wedding went smoothly on time and left plenty of time for dancing to all our favorite music. Thank you Tony , you are the best!

Zaqueray Berridge

Great times and memories

I have had so much fun over the 8-plus years I’ve been going to Tony’s shows. He has a great sense of humor and keeps you on the edge of your seat with his next zinger.

Bill Knowles

Best Karaoke in Town

No matter where no matter when, Tony is the best karaoke guy out there. His shows are full of energy and he makes everyone sound like a star. There is no one better as a DJ or Karaoke DJ.

Trevor Grout

All around the best DJ!!

I have had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing Tony in his natural habitat many times. He does his job so well you think of him as just one of your pals at your event. I wouldn’t want anyone else in charge of my musical needs. He knows just what the party needs to stay lit all night!

Bridgette Gee

Best entertainer in the bay!

I’ve gone to shows and events and parties for years and I’ve never seen anybody have more fun with a crowd and put on great shows like Tony!

Moeketsi Molai

Love this guy!!

It’s always a pleasure to go to one of Tony’s shows.. He’s an amazing KJ and DJ. He’s very outgoing and very personable and it always makes for a good time. I would definitely use him at one of my venues should I need him! Thanks for the songs together Tony…You’re the best!

Charlotte Sochor

I only sing with Tony!

As a nightclub entertainer for over 30 years, Tony is the best I’ve found to sing with. Top of the line sound, and light equipment, and I know sound equipment. I’ve never sounded better than when I’m on the Mic with Tony at the controls. If I don’t sound good, I’m not having fun! I’ve been singing with Tony for over 3 years now, I don’t do karaoke with anyone else! I have sang hundreds of songs in my musical life and he seems to have them all, good sounding tracks too.

Thanks Tony!
Donnie Dever
Professional singer

Donnie Dever

Always a Fun Time!

I have been going to karaoke with Tony for years now and it’s fun everytime! He’s personable and keeps everyone happy and entertained. My family hired him for a private event and everyone had a blast. He played the exact style of music we asked for. If you’re looking to have a blast, go to Tony!!! 🙂

Brittney Franklin

Best Dj in the bay!!

Not only that Tony is a great DJ, he is a great entertainer!!! Best karaoke and has a wide variety of music. You name it. Always an amazing time with this guy!!

Ceejay Hess


Always have a blast with Tony. Great fun, great music and great DJ!

Arni Fornolles

It Gets No Better!!

His wide selection, sound, and overall kind/fun attitude, makes him, HANDS DOWN, the best Dj/Karaoke in town! You just can’t ask for anything better!

Derek Roberts

Great Entertainer

I have know Tony for many years and attended many events. From karaoke to large parties he always keeps everyone entertained. From 21+ to family friendly events Tony knocks it out of the park every time. I highly recommend him for all your musical entertainment needs.

Justin Goodman

A Staple of Tampa Nightlife

Tony has been a commanding presence in Tampa Bay nightlife for years, boasting a large following of karaoke singers and partygoers alike. No matter the venue, Tony is able to generate a fun atmosphere, engage with guests, and maintain an air of professionalism only achieved through years of experience. Don’t look elsewhere for your next party or event and leave it to someone who will get the job done right!

Austyn O'Dwyer

Best Party Rockin /Karaoke Poppin DJ on the Planet

Been flowing the Tony My Tampa DJ for years no matter where he’s at or what night, he’s the party starter great mix of music Huge choice of karaoke songs and music genres from oldies 90s goodies today’s top hits…. Tony is the man!!! Go DJ Tony

Jerry V

No one does it better!

Always on point and always creating good vibes. If you wanna have a good time for a party or an event Tony is the guy!

Greg Spaddy

The best entertainment in Tampa Bay

  1. I’ve been following Tony for nearly 5 years and there is no comparison. His music selection is current, crowds are fun and energetic and he is actively involved with patrons. You won’t find a better time anywhere else.
Shaun Ivancic

There is nobody better

I have known Tony for years. I first met him during one of his karaoke nights in South Tampa. One night after a kickball game, the whole team went out to socialize. We only expected to stay for an hour, but Tony kept us there the whole night. He certainly knows how to keep everyone entertained, but more importantly, he is the nicest person you will ever meet. Today, I consider Tony a friend, and have seen him host many events. Everything he does is first class. I look forward to many more celebrations with Tony, and hopefully a few more rounds of golf.

Stephen Tallman

Great Karaoke DJ!

Tony always hosts a great night of entertainment!

Ali Shakoor

Go DJ (cuz that’s my DJ)

Tony brings it for all your DJ and lightning needs! We had him as our wedding DJ and the mix of karaoke and music was excellent. If you can’t find a song to sing in his library, you’re just THAT picky! Tony is easy to work with and offers a very competitive rate and will work to make sure all the details are worked out before your event!


Tampa Bay’s best no doubt!

I’ve been singing karaoke for a long time and have had the pleasure of singing with some pretty good KJs, but Tony is top of the line. He makes the evening roll along with his humor, and he has a great collection of songs as well. Tampa Bay’s best no doubt!

Tedd Webb
Newsradio 970 WFLA
Tampa, FL

Tedd Webb

Tony is the best!

Karaoke with Tony at yard of ale makes my week EVERY week. He always provides a fun and professional experience whenever my friends and I come out, and he has the most extensive song collection I have EVER seen. We always enjoy our karaoke nights because of him, and will return for weeks to come!

Jenan Elcheikhali

The Best!

Tony is an amazing DJ; flawless, fun, and friendly. If you’re in need of the best entertainment in Tampa Bay, then you better be calling DJ Tony!

Sarah Kerr

Great and Professional Services

Tony provided his company services at my wedding and everyone loved it.
Also, his karaoke nights are a lot of fun!

Regis Lima


The DJ at Gallery, Tony Gregorio, was so awesome. Top notch – master class!!

William Colby Etherton

Greatest DJ in the U S of A

This guy is so good, he makes you want to sing Karaoke – SOBER. That’s the greatest testimonial I can give. Shaggy, Marley, whatever – Tony can do it all. This guy rules. Book him for your weddings, Batmitzvahs, Baptisms. Whatever. This guy’s the greatest.

Zack Wittman

Good vibes!!!

I love watching this guy’s show. He’s got every song you can think of and brings the best energy. By far the most entertaining DJ in Tampa.

Josh Tebbe

The Best

I’ve been following Tony’s Karaoke Nights throughout Tampa Bay for almost 10 years. Love the man. Love his work. Only the best!


Not Your Average Karaoke

Tony always makes sure everyone has a good time. He is friendly and makes an attempt to get everyone involved. And if for some reason he does not have your song or cannot get it that night, he normally has it the following week. He definitely makes it worth it to get out of the house and sing a little.

Jonathan Santo

Fin Times

Good vibes and good atmosphere. Always fun and entertaining.

Issaac J Calhoun

Best dj everrrr!!!!

Best dj ever!!!!

Joshua Bose

Best DJ ever

Tony is the BEST dj ever!!!! He’s so accommodating and so fun! We love going to karaoke with him! – listens to what you request plus he has a great voice and always jumps in to sing

Sarah Maingot

This guy!

I’m not likely to ever get married again, but if I were to, I’d use this guy…

Forrest Hoffar

No Comparison

Calling all singers and good-time-havers! Tuesday nights at Yard Of Ale is not only epic but life changing. Caribbean vibes, tick & roll, pop, rap, alternative and all the above. Come thru and have an EPIC time!

Christian Bayne

Seriously Though. Best Karaoke Around

You want to sing something obscure? There’s a 99% chance Tony has got you covered. I work at the Galley DTSP and Thursdays are one of my only nights off. For some reason, I always get drawn in to at least get one song in and party with Tony. One of the most professional and friendly DJs I’ve ever worked or partied with. I’d definitely recommend him to my friends or bring him in for an event that I was hosting elsewhere.

Rooster Colomina

Simply the best!

Tony is the best DJ around. His shows are the best. Anywhere he goes he kills it!

Steven Garrett

Best Wedding DJ

Tony was amazing for my beach wedding last year! So professional, he was a pleasure to work with. My friends and family couldn’t stop talking about how great the music was! Thank you Tony for the wonderful memories.

Candace Taylor

Tony is a pro at making this look simple!

I have attended many karaoke events that have been hosted by Tony and he always makes everything look effortless. He is very organized and I have never heard anyone ask for a song that he doesn’t have available. For a great time, call Tony! He will not disappoint!

Cathy Masaro

Best DJ in all if

Best DJ in all if the tampa area. Fun to sing. And awesome to listen to. If you are thinking about booking an event. Use this guy!!!

Jared Eames

The awesome guy i met.

Awesome guy and amazing music. Definitely hiring him for my wedding.



Tony is lit and makes you wanna get lit!!!! Never disappoints

Teana gennari


So lit every Wednesday

Amanda Morrison

Be a Star

He’s got a great selection of songs, and he doesn’t just sit around waiting for your song to be over. When you’re in the groove, he’ll hit that reverb at just the right time to take you home. He loves what he does, and you’ll love him.

David Bradley

The best in Tampa

Tony keeps the party moving, has great sounding system, and his songlist is extensive and constantly updated! He’ll even find songs he doesn’t have, and change the key for you if you ask! Always a great time!

Pedro Amaral

Best Karaoke ever!!

Every Tuesday night we karaoke. He’s the best and boy can he sing! So much fun, always a good time.

Lorraine Mendez

Tony the Man

Nothing compares to Tony! He is the definition of FUN!! Always have a blast with him! He needs to be cloned!


No one like Tony!!

Tony is my ever faithful duet partner!! He always makes my songs sound better!! I’ve been coming to sing karaoke with Tony for a reallllly long time and he’s still my favorite!!!! I have nothing but love for you!!?

Siân Wilson

Lit Night at O’Tooles!

This guy is legendary! Hilarious and fun. And he has a surprisingly good voice!! <3

Jessica Jax

Saturday Night Karoke at The Landing

What a great time! Tony knows how to rock the house. Tony dont Stop Believin’!

Roxanne Salabarria

THE BEST DJ in Tampa!

Tony is simply THE BEST DJ around Tampa! I’ve been attending his gigs for over 7 years. He’s so good he even did our Renaissance Themed Wedding in my backyard. He was also willing to dress up for the occasion in themed attire. He came prepared. He charged a reasonable amount. He played our specialized music precisely as I requested. It was PERFECT! He sings, he DJs, he dances (well ok this one’s an exaggeration 🙂 ), he’s personable, he’s flexible in clients requests, and he’s just a really, really, really cool guy. You can’t do any better than hiring my man Tony! Love ya bro, you’re the best!

Adam Terebeckij

KJ to the max!

Tony doing his thing at The Landings on Saturday nights. Makes us sound like stars. Ain’t no body better out there!

Paul McGarr

Great guy and DJ

Always look forward for Tuesday nights to come Listen to my favorite DJ. He plays the best song and make you want to dance all night.

Arthur Laptiste

Awesome dude at the bar

Karaoke at the Galley is the best on Thursday nights in St Pete and it ain’t because of the singers.

Ben F

Best DJ Around

Tony is the best! All of my friends love him. We always come out and do karaoke with him whenever we can. He’s super talented and very accommodating – book him for whatever event you need! You won’t regret it.

Sara Horrocks

Awesome karoake dj

This dude rocks it every week. Great dj, great flow, and he’ll bust out awesome duets all the time. Great dj, hire him, book him, get him. Seriously.

Adam Simonds

World Best Entertainer and Friend

I met Tony at the Landing Bar & Grill 2 months ago. He makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. He is friendly and professional. He is by far the best DJ in town. I recommend his talent and professionalism. Please hire him for your next gig you won’t regret it.

Skippy Roman


The best DJ ever for karaoke! Sings songs and encourages people to sing along, love him!

Nicholas Holt


My wife and I booked Tony for our wedding and had the best time of our lives! He was so awesome with everything! From the set ups of moving from outside to inside along with a FANTASTIC karaoke session! A great playlist and he created an amazing atmosphere, everybody is still talking about it! Truly a great person to work with, you want a good time you book T2xentertainment!

Keith Koziel

the best!

Every Thursday at the Galley, best karaoke in the bay!

Dan Xie

Karaoke Boss

Karaoke at The Galley in St. Pete on Thursday nights: beautiful. Great song selection, backup when you need it, camraderie, fun atmosphere, worth coming back to every week!



Wow… I’ve done a lot of karaoke and Tony made this one of THE BEST karaoke experiences ever. I love the music he plays between singers and his voice is awesome! He is so fun, talented, and a great entertainer. I don’t want to ever experience another karaoke DJ.

Samantha Gibb


Great selection!
Great Voice!
Great Sense if Humor!
Always such a good time when Tony is at The Landing!

Kim Dorsch


He sang songs in between others and he was incredible. He really can sing Shaggy, honestly. It was so easy to suggest a song for myself and my friends. I can’t wait to see this DJ again.

Marina Warner

Tony is THE man!

We have seen Tony in action as both a DJ at a few events as well as numerous times hosting Karaoke nights and he has never failed to deliver! Always engaging and he brings his personality into it to make everyone feel like having a great time! We would absolutely recommend him for any and all of your events!

Neil and Theresa Lipton

Best DJ around!!

Tony is my homie! Thursday karaoke with him is my favorite night of the week. I literally have never had so much fun singing songs as I do when he’s the DJ. He has all the best versions of all the best songs and if he doesn’t have a song you want he makes sure to download it for the next time. Not to mention he kills it on the mic! I won’t go to anybody else for karaoke. Keep on keepin it real!

Danielle Matson

Awesome KJ!

Tony is an awesome KJ with an expansive list of songs! I always have a blast at his venues! Come on out and join the fun!!!

Janet Matthews

Wouldn’t Miss It

We pretend we come to sing karaoke, but really it’s to listen to Tony’s silky smooth voice and stare at his beautiful features. It’s the highlight of our week.

Krystle and Kayla

Tony! Tony!

Tony is the best dj. Not only will you sing with confidence but he will make it the most fun you’ve had in years!!

Angelo Canevari

Got me out of my shell….

Tony is awesome! Tuesday nights our softball team comes to karaoke and Tony is always there encouraging us to sing and treats us like family. I am very shy but with the help of Tony I’ve starting singing in front of large groups of people, which is something I never thought I could do! If you’re looking for some fun Karyoke- Tony is your man 😀

Meghan Ann

Tony rocked Oktoberfest

Tony rocked Oktoberfest

Cassie glover


Great time at The Landing! Did an awesome job!!! 5 stars, hands down!!!


Trust Tony

I do a lot of karaoke. Like…a lot. So I’ve experienced a lot of different karaoke DJs in my years and Tony is by far my favorite and the best. He always makes it fun with his friendly personality, quick jokes, and contagious smile. Tony is the reason I’m at The Galley every Thursday night. I can’t recommend him enough.

Keith Mason

Karaoke Success!

My boyfriend and I went out for a drink and an appetizer. We were already closed out when we saw Karaoke was starting. We ended up dropping our names in, and singing all night long! The song selection was excellent, as was the energy in the room. We will definitely be back!


Like always had a great night with Tony

My girlfriend and I had been following Tony around week after week all over the Tampa Bay Area and as always he puts on a great show and will even have a drink with you. Tony has become a friend as well as entertainment. I have even seen him at private shows and he is great.

Daniel Guillemette

As always a great time with Tony

My girlfriend and I have been following Tony around the Tampa Bay Area and we always have a great time at his shows. He puts a great show on and will even sit and have a drink with you or take a picture. Tony has not only had a great show but has become a friend as well. Try his show out and you won’t be disappointed!

Daniel Guillemette


Tony has been our DJ for 2 years running at our Company Year-End Holiday Party. He’s the best, keeps everyone engaged and on their feet. YOU ROCK TONY!!

Kimberly Salisbury

Best in the Bay

I’ve known Tony for years now and he is the best KJ in Tampa!! He keeps the party going and has every song you want to sing. I love the chances I get to go see his shows and sing a few songs with him.

Two years ago I got married and there was only one person in my mind that was going to DJ the wedding and it was Tony. He had the dance floor packed all night!!

Tony is the best KJ, DJ and last but certainly not least he is one of Tampa’s best all around people! I am privileged to call him my friend. He’s professional, kind and will make sure whatever event you are having is the absolute best!! Did I mention he’s hilarious??!!

Joe Martinez

Yooo! Sir Tony, Tony

My friends and i been going to a Wednesday karaoke and Sir Dj Tony is a rock! His not just not a good singer but friendly person too.
he will make it sure everyone is enjoying and having fun❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ohhh yeah
Recommended DJ…

Brenda stafford


We met DJ Tony at karaoke night at Maloney’s last year and WEVE BEEN COMING BACK EVER SINCE!!! He has EVERY song ever made, he’s so fun, he’s so encouraging and he’s such a good time!!! He loves his work and you can tell. Nothing but quality with Tony!! We’re normally shy people, but we’re always so down to party and sing with Tony!! 11/10 would recommend!

Cristina Lainez

Tony has some awesome DJ

Tony has some awesome DJ skills and even better singing skills!
It’s always fun doing karaoke every Thursday night.

Devesh Mistry

Be prepared to be entertained!!

I can’t say enough great things about Tony and his karaoke nights! I go to two different venues weekly just to do karaoke with him! He makes things entertaining and gets to know everyone that comes to sing! If he doesn’t have a song you want to sing, he makes sure he will have it for the next time! Big selection of songs and the most entertaining DJ that I’ve seen down here in Florida! I highly recommend him to anyone!

Jessica Caswell

A fun DJ!

I had an amazing time for Karaoke! He made me feel like singing, dancing and drinking! He will turn a doll night into an engaging and vibrant party with his music, humor and voice. I would most definitely party with him again! Thank you!

Julia Sanchez


I’ve got to say I’ve had the times of my life when they provide the karaoke services. I look forward to these events because of the massive song selection, excellent taste, and nostalgic times! If you’d like to be fully immersed in this experience I’d highly and happily encourage you to get in touch with My Tampa DJ. They have a full professional service and incredible staff that is very inviting even for my first time singing karaoke. I cant wait for next week already!

Javi Hart

The greatest

Tony’s as good as they get! Everyone that knows this kind soul has nothing but great things to say about him. Tony gets to know everyone on a personal level, and try’s his hardest to make each individual feel comfortable. He’s the best dj around 11/10 recommend!

Justice Szetela

More then just an Amazing DJ/KJ, Tony is like Family!!

I have been going to Karaoke nights in the Brandon area for over 10 years now and that how I 1st met Tony at Otooles back in 2009. Even back then Tony was leading the charge with the best song library and the best equipment in the market. Due to personal issues I took a couple years off and when I showed back up at the table Tony was still the same goofy guy he always was. Since then I have been religiously doing Karaoke a few times every week and I always have to make time to go to wherever Tony is. Tony connects with people and he knows how to work a room, not to mention he can sing!! I respect Tony so much and if your looking for a DJ/KJ for your next event take my advice and make mytampadj yourtampadj 😉 Tony Rocks!! ??

Nicholas Brydon

Hell ya

Tony is the man. He was always extremely friendly and interactive with the crowd. I have always had a good experience and would recommend anyone and everybody to attend his karaoke sessions. You’re the man Toni thank you.


Morgan DuFresne

Great Dj

Always have so much fun at karaoke with Tony…. great selection of music

Andrea S

Amazing DJ

Tony is the BEST DJ in the world!!!


Great DJ!

Have such a great time when Tonys the DJ! Highly recommend!!!

Jimmy Halpert

Best DJ

Best DJ ever. Always a fun time.

Amelia Herrera

Great DJ for any event you may have

I’ve known Tony for many years. He’s great at what he does.

When we decided to get married, he was the only person we could think of. He was an integral part of making our night very special and memorable. He accommodated us, our families, and our friends very well. Thank you Tony!

You will not go wrong with Tony if you have him DJ your event.

DeWayne Turner

It’s always a party

We’ve had a great time singing karaoke with Tony for many years. When it came time for our wedding, we could think of no one else we would want to provide DJ services. We had a fantastic evening and having karaoke at the end added an interactive element for our friends and family to participate in. We love Tony and highly recommend.

Michael Iliff

The Best DJ all around!

The first time I went on a Monday night karaoke at little harbor with this guy I never stopped coming! It’s very hard to get my family to go out all together but every Monday we do it because Tony makes it so much fun!! Not only is he a great DJ and hosts karaoke very well, he’s an all around amazing dude. He’s funny and even joins in on the karaoke. HE IS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY! If it wasn’t for him my family would never come out every Monday and make amazing memories together. Not to mention he has an amazing singing voice as well!! He’s definitely helped me break out of my shell when it comes to singing in front of people. Thanks so much Tony! You’re the best!!

Jazmine Eargood

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